Recent Work

Some project detail pages are password-protected. Please contact me for more information.


health management app for Apple Watch
pharmaceutical ORGANIZATION

Taking their medication on time is critical to patient health for customers of this pharmaceutical company, but remembering to isn’t always easy. I created the experience and visual design for an Apple Watch prototype to allow for fast and easy medication and symptom tracking.


financial dashboard
regis corporation

Regis Corporation is the largest operator of hair salons in the world. Their corporate website, primarily targeted to institutional investors, had not been updated for some time. In ten days, I completed a responsive UX re-design, which formed the basis of the visual design and developed site that is live today.


genomics dashboard

llumina is a world-leader in genomics research, with a complex array of devices and applications. I worked with a team to design a unified, responsive, web-based dashboard for all of Illumina’s services. From DNA sequencing status to product order shipment information, the dashboard organizes and streamlines everything on one page.


network management dashboard

The application for this multinational technology corporation is an incredible tool to visually provision and configure network devices. The original product design contained hundreds of page details with minor variations. I partnered with a team to create a design system for the product, and implement a consistent look-and-feel across the product.


Massage Envy

Massage Envy is the world’s largest franchise of massage therapy services. Until recently, all therapist notes and patient information was done on paper, which was an expensive an inefficient operation. After extensive user research, I helped design a digital transformation strategy for Massage Envy, and led the design of a new iPad-based therapist and customer intake experience.

Dashboard - Tracked one Activity.png

Patient Care application for android

Chronic care patients benefit tremendously from dedicated support and visits from their nurses, but these relationships don’t easily scale. To help maximize patient’s support, I worked with a team to design an Android application for patients to track behavior change and asynchoronously stay connected with their care providers.