I've spent over 12 years designing and delivering digital products for large enterprise organizations.

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2015 — Present

UX Designer at Deloitte Digital

I currently work as a User Experience Designer at Deloitte Digital, where I have designed and led the product experience for 10 customer-facing enterprise applications.

2006 — 2015

Program manager at microsoft

Prior to this, I was a Program Manager at Microsoft for nine years. For 7 years, I managed $80M worth of enterprise advertising campaigns. For 2 years, I managed a software quality initiative within Microsoft Office.




I have a Master's degree in Human-Centered Design & Engineering from the University of Washington. As part of my degree I completed extensive research in design theory and human-computer interaction, and published a paper on data visualization.



My bachelor's degree is in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo, with an option in Management Science.




UX Designer


Responsive dashboard design


Successful launch of proposed design


llumina is a world-leader in genomics research, with a complex array of devices and applications. To make my life easier for their users, Illumina approached my team to create a single dashboard for all of Illumina’s services.

The Project

I worked with a large cross-functional team to design and deliver a responsive web-based dashboard. The entire project took place over the course of a year, with the design team’s involved for about 4 months.

My Role

I worked alongside one other UX designer and one visual designer to complete the design work of the project. With the design divided into modular components, I led the experience design of half of the dashboard components, while my UX counterpart led the other half.

Our Approach

Our design process began with a series of workshops over the course of the week, to better understand our users and the domain. With a subject matter as complex as DNA sequencing, we started the project by spending over a week on-site at a lab, sitting alongside scientists to understand their current situation and the problem space.

With our Deloitte team and this research, we established a set of personas and user journeys.


Sample Persona

Sample Persona

Sample Journey

Sample Journey

User Research

With any project, I believe it crucial to get a strong understanding of the user and the problem to solve. Given the short timeline and lack of time and budget for dedicated user research, I knew we would use a 'guerilla' approach.

Given that the project's main persona was financial investors, and Deloitte has a huge financial practice, I looked for financial experts within the firm. After confirming with the client that our primary persona was individual investors, I interviewed an investment expert at Deloitte, conducting a semi-structured interview to collect their thoughts, along with gathering feedback on the client's current website and my preliminary sketches.

Jobs to be Done

Our personas and journeys led to an ideal state description, and a long list of tasks and features. As we felt the project grow, we compressed the work into a manageable framework by focusing on the jobs-to-be done: the specific “jobs” that scientists (and other primary users) were “hiring” the dashboard to do. This allowed us to break the dashboard down into its natural widgets: Calendar, Machine Status, etc.


We created a widget-based dashboard, with treatments for desktop and mobile. This arrangement allowed us to both scale across different device sizes, and allow for a great deal of customization for every user.

Portion of desktop wireframe.

Portion of desktop wireframe.

Final Design

Our concepts were visualized and developed, and are now the basis for the final product that is live today.